Change Log

Version 3.7.0 #

  1. Add cloudexport to Exporter

Version 3.6.0 #

  1. SinglePage: Fix the path to client core

Version 3.5.0 #

  1. SinglePage: Fix issue with loading widget by registering the KoolReport.js
  2. SinglePage: Adding event OnBeforeRender and OnRenderEnd

Version 3.0.0 #

  1. Instant Widget is able to create assets folder automatically without any settings. The automatic assets feature can be turned off or set manually based on preference.
  2. SinglePage will also create assets folder automatically if there is no manually settings for assets folder.

Version 2.5.1 #

  1. Fix error of resource not loading using SinglePage

Version 2.5.0 #

  1. Adding SinglePage trait to allow report running on one page

Version 2.0.0 #

  1. Bind $_GET and $_POST to the parameters of KoolReport
  2. Adding reportSettings parameters for temporary report.
  3. Adding Exporter for instant

Version 1.5.0 #

  1. Add html() function to widget to return array.

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